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Today is the final day of hearings in her trial before the judges deliver their verdict in mid-March. Prosecutors say Connor is just as culpable for the officer's death as her British boyfriend David Taylor, who admits hitting the policeman with binoculars, a phone and a beer bottle during a fight over a missing bag. The blows with the beer bottle knocked Sudarsa unconscious. A coroner told the court the policeman died several hours after the attack of bleeding on the brain, as he lay on the beach. Connor denies any responsibility for the killing and says she did not see the critical moments of the fight or realise that the policeman was severely injured when she left Kuta beach last August. Prosecutors were last week critical of Connor and her story. Prosecutor Anak Agung Ngurah Jayalantara says she gave evasive evidence. He criticised her for not admitting her role in the killing, and says that Connor's actions in destroying the policeman's cards from his wallet indicated that she had a guilty conscience. Mr Jayalantara said she should be convicted of manslaughter and serve eight years in prison.